Judge Denies Christian Couple the Right to Free Exercise of Biblical Beliefs


To those who argue, "Why not allow same-sex 'marriage'? It's just between those two people!"--Well, no it is not "just between those two people!" Marriage is a foundation to society and when two people are married, it impacts everyone around them. A New Mexico judge has ordered that a couple who own a photography business must photograph a "wedding" for a same-sex couple even though it goes against the photographers' Christian convictions. So, here is the proof that other people and their lives are impacted by "Big Government" forcing individuals and privately owned businesses to "accept" a lifestyle that is clearly condemned in God's Word.

Christians should certainly demonstrate Christ's love toward those who have same-sex attraction just as we should show Christ's love to all people. But, Christians must prepare to stand up for the Truth of God's Word in a society and culture that is becoming progressively ANTI-Christian.

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Thu, May 4, 2017

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